Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

Are you slapping your first time customers on the arse while saying ‘Geez that was good - see ya next time’?

And then expecting them to return?

So many business owners I speak with do this, without realising it. (See blog post below this one)

I love getting a new customer.  It is exciting and energising – a real fist pump moment.  It is confirmation that something you are doing is working.  Whatever strategy you are using to generate new customers is working.  And what you are offering is worth buying.

This is because we often tie our own self-worth to our business and what we are providing.

What if we tie our self-worth keeping our customer and clients?

How we serve. How we make them feel.  Not for the first sale but for all the others that could follow.

Do you fail to ever contact your clients after the first sale?

And, to clarify, contacting them is not sending them an invoice or receipt. (Or a boring Thank you for your business, please like our FB page bulls**t)

I will be blunt with you, it is not ok to be in business and take customers for granted.

It is not okay to expect they will return with little effort on your part.

Do you sell a consumable? Are you reminding them when they need more?

Are you selling a service? Are you asking them if they were happy with the service they received and reminding them of when to book in?

Are you selling an experience? Do you connect with your customers after they leave?

There are so many ways to re-engage with your customer and serve them after the sale.

It is your responsibility to entice the customer to come back and buy again.

Make them feel like you haven’t forgotten them.

Actually – scratch that – make them feel like you have remembered them.

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Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
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