Turn One Sale Into Many

Increase Sales: Hot Tip to turn one sale into many

One of the biggest ways to disrespect a person is to not acknowledge them.  Not acknowledging an individual is saying that they are not worthy of your time or attention.

We are all taught as business owners that trust is the basis of sales.  The customer needs to like, know and trust you to spend their money with you. Yet there have been plenty of times where I have personally been disrespected by business owners and brands.  Even after making a purchase of hundreds of dollars.

Many business owners spend energy and money on creating Facebook ads, having user-friendly websites, writing blogs, great packaging, engaging images, products, promotions… etc etc.


What happened to looking after your customers?


One easy way to do this is to follow-up.

(While my version of looking after customers is going above and beyond their expectations, the follow up is the simple, no-brainer step that every business should be doing.)


The Follow Up

It is not ok in this time of technology to forget about a customer as soon as the cash is handed over.

I wish business owners would understand the power of re-connecting with their customer after the first sale.

It is like asking a person you fancy out for a drink, you never know where it may lead. But if you are only interested in a one-off fling and they are not, then why would they come back for more

True Story: I was attending a trade show as a stall holder for my skin care company.  It was massive.  Ten’s of thousands of people through the door.  All stalls were buzzing and incredibly busy.  It was a great event. After the three days, I finally found time to go over to a makeup counter I was interested.  I had watched them for days and was impressed with their style. I was clearly there to buy.  I didn’t have time to muck around. I was an easy sale.

I was pampered by the staff member, colour matched etc etc.  She was amazing.  The owner <insert screwy face here>, not so much. I persevered, interested to see what would happen next. The owner carried out the actual sale. Over $240 in one hit.  Not bad for 10 minutes I thought. I was handed the product, and sent on my merry way.

I was so let down.

She didn’t ask my name.  Didn’t get my email.  Didn’t get my phone number.

Lazy or Arrogant?

How many business owners assume that customers go and re-order from a website?  Or try to find a stockist.  The space of make-up is crowded.  There are thousands of brands and products to choose from.  Some more conveniently placed i.e.: at the chemist or at the supermarket.

Very few businesses have the pleasure of repeat customers with no effort.


My standards may be high. I am passionate about sales. But more so about outstanding Customer Service.

There are systems designed to help you take care of your customers.  Like most other aspects of business, it takes a plan.  A strategy.  And then implementation.


Doesn’t apply to you?  Think again.


Challenge:  Review your Customer Service Plan.


How do you WOW your customers so they return to you?

Is The Customer Always Right?
Is The Customer Always Right?
Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
Listen to ME!
Listen to ME!

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Don’t leave it up to your customers to come back, plan their journey with you.