There Is Always A Way

No-one ever likes to hear “Sorry, it is store policy”.

In fact when I hear that my blood boils.  My body language changes.

Because it immediately puts me in defence.  I am less likely to compromise, be nice.  In fact, if I am completely honest I want to say is “Are you really that stupid”.

It is such a cop out.

<take deep breath here>

Okay, I am calm again now.

It gets me so worked up because it is the opposite of service.  It is dismissive, cold and doesn’t have the customers interest at heart.

Businesses are made on more than procedure and policy.

They are built on people wanting what you have and there is always a way to deliver it.

Businesses are about creating personal relationships.

“It is store policy, but please let me speak to my manager and I will see what we can do for you”.

Doesn’t that sound a thousand times better?  And guess what, there is always something that can be done.

Rules can be bent once the outcome is understood.

And the outcome is always customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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