Listen to ME!

Listen to my words.

Listen to my tone.

The more you get to know your customer the better you can serve them.  And when you serve them you are solving their problem.

And we are all in business to solve problems right? (#business101)

So how are you going to know how to solve their problem if you don’t listen to them?


You must take the time to find out.  Take the time to care.


It isn’t about what questions you ask as much as the connection you make with them.  Connection builds trust.  It is about likability.  If they like and trust you they will tell you more about what they want.


Aim to serve not sell.


By listening to the customer you will be able to provide them with the right product or service.  You will be able to find out what other extra items they need that they didn’t think of.

You will be able to provide a whole solution.

And if you don’t sell, there are still many benefits:

– they will see you as a person of authority in your niche

– they will remember you for the time you took and the connection you made

– this leads to being front of mind and them returning to you


If done right it builds trust.


Take an interest in what they are after and you will be on your way to creating a customer for life.

Get involved and connect.

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Listen to ME!
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