Is The Customer Always Right?

Every conversation you have is an opportunity.

With a potential customer.

With a new customer.

With a returning customer.

These conversations have the potential to grow your business.


You may change systems, improve products and services and amend offers and promotions.


Especially when a customer is disgruntle.
Think about it.  They have chosen to take the time (which is precious) to express how unhappy they are.

You need to listen and make it right.

The key is remembering that the desired outcome is to increase loyalty.  There are plenty of stories where an upset customer ends up being the biggest fan.

Bad reviews spread faster than wild fire.  Fight back or meet a customer with as much displeasure as they hold will only end with your business suffering.

Not to mention your personal reputation.

Remember it takes 6-7 times the cost to find brand new customers than to keep existing ones.

As the business owner, it is your position to ensure the outcome serves the customer.  

More than that one transaction relies on it.

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Is The Customer Always Right?
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