Do You Even Care?

Have you ever wondered why someone has cancelled your service?

Have you ever asked?

Did you even notice?

Often business owners get complacent.  We are often so busy with our never-ending to-do list that if there isn’t a problem it doesn’t get our attention.

So when customers are ‘easy’ they are ‘easy’ to forget.

AND customers feel uncomfortable raising issues.

Together that adds to decreasing retention rates.  Decreasing sales.

They quietly slip off the radar.  Off your sales.

It is pretty sad that is how most business owners notice that customers are leaving us.  Sales are down….

So what can we do?  The answer is very simple.

Ask for feedback.

Not a new concept is it?  But so overlooked and underused.  (Read this blog post ‘When to ask for feedback’)

Reach out to those who leave you and ask why.  It is that simple.

What could have been handled differently?

Approached with a caring, no-pressure question such as this even the most timid will provide amazing feedback. You can either choose to rectify immediately or build into your processes so it is never an issue again.

Don’t let them walk away without finding out how you improve your business.

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