Anna Wilen Clark

I am absolutely passionate about Sales.

But not just any sales. Sales that are backed by a great product or service that help solve a problem.

So many business owners I talk to are on the Lead Gen roller coaster. Don’t get me wrong, we all need new leads.

My heart sinks when I talk with them further. Because they aren’t looking after the customers they already have.

Sometimes it is because the business owner assumes these customers will automatically come back when they want more.

Or because they are time poor and ‘haven’t got around to sending them an email yet’. (btw: it is a lot more than just one email).

Or because they don’t know how. And when we are unsure of what to do we don’t do anything.

My name is Anna Clark.  I am a Marketing Consultant.

I consult to small business owners doing for their business what they are too busy to do themselves.

I strategise, implement and execute customer experiences, which are highly planned and automated. This increases sales, customer loyalty, and referrals.

As an owner of an online retailer of an Australian made, owned and operated skincare line, I understand the brand value and customer loyalty in a fierce market place.

This skincare line provides me with a passive income stream and allows me to follow my passion of ensuring we exceed expectations with every customer.

My skincare business has thousands of customers and transactions and I know first hand every touch point matters if they are going to come back.

My clients spend too much time they don’t have on getting new customers.  They are great at what they do but lack marketing know-how, time and knowledge to implement systems to ensure customers return.

The biggest problem my clients struggle with is they know they should be contacting their existing customers more frequently but are too time poor and lack the knowledge to implement the systems to do so.

68% of customers leave because of indifference to the competition.  I am on a mission to reduce the number of new clients needed, reduce perceived indifference and get the most out of the customers they already have.

I leave my clients feeling proud of the customer service they deliver, delighted with the referrals, confident with the simple systems that we implement and successful through the sales we create.

Business owners are not entitled to customers and sales.  They have to earn them.

Can You Increase Your Sales Without ANY New Leads?
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