Find Out How To Increase Sales Without ANY New Leads

I am absolutely passionate about Sales.

But not just any sales. Sales that are backed by a great product or service that help solve a problem.

So many business owners I talk to are on the Lead Gen roller coaster. Don’t get me wrong, we all need new leads.

My heart sinks when I talk with them further. Because they aren’t looking after the customers they already have.

Sometimes it is because the business owner assumes these customers will automatically come back when they want more.

Or because they are time poor and ‘haven’t got around to sending them an email yet’. (btw: it is a lot more than just one email).

Or because they don’t know how. And when we are unsure of what to do we don’t do anything.

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If you don't have repeat sales,
all the marketing $$ you spend on new customers is wasted.

Who I help

Single Business Owners

who are time poor and need simple steps to increase sales without adding to their overwhelm

who need more sales

who are too busy with the latest sales trends ie Facebook ads

who don’t achieve repeats sales

who know they can do more but don’t know how to create the time to do so

Small Business Owners

who want to increase sales without spending money obtaining new customers

who want to increase customer retention rates

who want to get the most out of the lifetime value of a customer

who knows that getting these rights will move them to a new level of success

who are time poor and need systems set up for them

It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer
than it is to keep a current one.


Setting the scene


Above & Beyond




Everlasting Sales


Sales Done For You

SALES are the heartbeat of business.

Probability of selling to a new prospect

Probability of selling to an existing customer

Are you busy...

doing Facebook Ads?
keeping up your Instagram account?
connecting on LinkedIn?
attending networking events?
spending time, money and energy on the latest trends
when so much low hanging fruit on their money tree has fallen to the ground
and about to go rotten?
Don’t be the business owner who neglects profits that are right in front of them
Is The Customer Always Right?
Is The Customer Always Right?
Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
Listen to ME!
Listen to ME!

Customers are the lifeline of your business.

If you are not going above and beyond with their customer journey you are most definitely leaving money on the table.

“I want to tell you about an incredible woman. Anna Wilen Clark has a business Create Customers For Life. She is my go-to person when I need help honing my processes. Her insights, wisdom and practical solutions make such a difference in my business. Yesterday I got an email from a client, who after working with me for TWO weeks, indicated their dissatisfaction with my efforts. Devastated, I called Anna to talk it through. Her perspective calmed me. Her thoughtful observations and advice guided me to think about what I could do better and improve. Her skills identified how I could enhance my client onboarding to manage expectations. Anna lays the foundations for tight systems to be put in place so this crazy rollercoaster called being in small business is not so stomach churning. I love my clients. I want them to have a good experience with me. I work bloody hard at what I do. There are no magic bullets in PR but Anna has helped me see things from all sides. You can’t know everything in business, as much as we want to. That’s why getting in a specialist like Anna is not just a good idea but vital. Our customers pay us to do a job. We need to do all we can to look after them. I cannot recommend Anna enough. She is the customer service whisperer. I am so grateful to have her on my team.”  Annette Densham

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Anna for 4 years and her amazing passion for business is something amazing. Anna’s commitment to the success of her clients it a testament to the success of her own business ventures. Anna’s authentic, inventive, supportive and persistent. Anna will take you from thinking, planning, dreaming to happening, achieving and everything in between. Anna is a must have for small business or anyone who wants to stop dreaming and start doing.” – Megan Alpe

“Passionate, direct, persistent and savvy are words that I would use to describe Anna’s style of managing her clients and business relationships.  In this no-nonsense age, Anna brings a straight-up approach to her interactions while focusing on the needs of the individual and doing her very best to meet those needs herself or through cross-referral.

While many say that cash flow is king, with Anna, the customer is king (or queen) in her realm and serving those customers her highest priority.” – Helen Abbott 


Can You Increase Your Sales Without ANY New Leads?
Let's Find Out.

Don’t leave it up to your customers to come back, plan their journey with you.